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About Us

One of the commercials broadcasted on television sounds like "We're evolving together!". Yes, it sounds very good and sounds very up to date to describe the work of our WEB22 Agency team over time. We have evolved from the year 2007 with you, with those who congratulated us when things went out perfectly, with those who said that "here is more to be adjusted" or that opinion like "that shade is just too pronounced" but all shifts are productive when you love what you are doing, and we've always been able to launch web projects that have resisted over time proving advanced stability and increased security.

We learn year after year to increase the technologies of web application development and every year we get new smiles through successful web design projects. We could not do anything without you, we would not have the satisfaction of a project that we have been working on for weeks, we have no reason to reach new heights in our programming skills, graphics, structural programming Html, CSS and JS ... in other words without you this section of "Web22 Evolution in Time" would not have been possible. Thank you!

What can we do for you briefly? Almost anything.

  • Cusotm websites with administration pannel
  • E-commerce platforms 100% customised
  • Logos, Identity, graphyc content
  • SEO optimisation for all kind of projects
  • Facebook, Instagram . LinkedIn and other social media management services
  • Google and social media campaigns
  • Server based API's for business solutions
  • Premium Self Managed (InHouse) Hosting solutions
  • Content management and copywrite services

How We Work?

Below we present the stages of the realization of any web project that WEB22 develops for its clients.

Our Services

As providers of professional web design solutions, we have an obligation to respect certain rules that lead to a successful project. These aspects are well known to our team, which with the help of over 10 years of experience in developing web applications and related solutions in Europe, manages to deliver premium quality web projects in record time and practicing good packages price that pack any web design project into its true value for both our clients and WEB22 Agency staff.

Web design

We develop top rated websites based on Laravel and latest web development technologies.

Graphyc design

Our team of professional designers can design anything for you from logos to packages and more.

Identity & branding

Logos and corporate identity are well known to us. We can help you become visible.

SEO Optimisation

We have 2 dedicated staff members to power up you website in the first Google places by any desired keyword or expressions.

E-commerce platforms

If you need any type and any complexity e-coomerce platform, we can deploy it to you without problems. Prestashop, magento, OpenCarta, Shopify and more.

Web hosting

For our clients only, we can provide premium hosting solutions on our dedicated low-clients-number servers.

Social Media management

We manage you social media pages on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and more with content delivered by our team, in time and also manage campaigns to reach theyr best cost vs returning rates.

Content management and service

We can manage your website content, keep it up to date and also make sure your website is up to date in terms of security, functionality, updates and backed up data.

We are here to help

Just let us be a part of your online and digital experience and we will show you that you can give value to your products, ideas, concepts, services or whatever you want the world to know about you, let the world be part of your succes and enjoy premium services.

Our Recent Projects

We have the pleasure to present you few of our latest web and design projects.

Our Creative Team

We are presenting you the oldest and most experienced team members of WEB22 Agency in theyr niche.



Web developer and experimented project manager.


Social Marketing Specialist

Facebook, Google, LinkedIn and other promoting surces are like a story to tell from her mouth.



Photoshop, Ilustrator for any purpose at any time .. he is a graphic design magician, believe in magic or not..you will.


PHP/MySql Developer

Don't try to surprise him with new stuff...he will leave everything behind and make the imposible happen. Great developer.

What Our Clients Say

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